Flying Ferns

Flying ferns

Flying ferns @ Darjeeling 

The Labels on These Clothes Tell the Tragic Stories of the Workers Who Made Them

by Tim Nudd in Adweek

Heart of the Action

Hyderabad, Charminar, Mahesh Patil

Nonstop Hyderabad

There is an unmistakable energy about night markets of Charminar.

While I was strolling around the streets to capture night shots my nose made me feel like i was in carnivores heaven, but ears quickly brought me back on earth. Street fashion, glitter, friendly people, noisy auto rickshaws… they are all in abundance here.

This frame captures the distant Charminar pumping out the life into the streets.


Engaging With the Consumers Through Wearable Tech



Shape of things to come and how brands can leverage these opportunities. Very nicely summarized presentation.  

Itterwale Baba


Words for Soul

This will make you feel better

People Don’t Care About Your Brand