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The Paan… found in plenty at laad bazaar, Hyderabad



The Bangleman of Laad Bazaar!

The Bangleman!, Mahesh Patil, Mahesh Patil.Net, Mahesh Patil Photography, Hyderabad, Charminar, Old Hyderabad, Street Market, India

The Bangleman of Laad Bazar!

Local street markets offer great subjects for photography. I will be posting photographs shot at Laad bazaar in old Hyderabad. Known for its famous bangle shops, the market had many things waiting to be captured; from street antiques shops to ittarwalas, from fresh fruits to fashion accessories , this market has it all.

While strolling around the Mecca Masjid I found my frame – a glum faced Chudiwala (Bangle salesman) amongst his glittering, colourful bangles!

You are Not a Storyteller – Stefan Sagmeister @ FITC

Do Not Disturb

A Glaring Glance, Mahesh Patil, Photography,, Photography, India, Old Hyderabad

A Glaring Glance.


Human expressions are so powerful. These fellows were sitting at the base of the Charminar. There was something similar between them and the strong but timeworn walls of the structure. The crispy white kurta-pajamas provided the perfect tonal contrast; an interesting subject & frame to my photographer’s eye. I walked around them pretending to be disinterested & setting up my camera. I wanted to capture them as well as the textured walls and the flooring. I set my 50mm prime for a deep depth of field. Just as I was about to click the photo, the bearded fellow noticed me and gave this powerful stare. Powerful enough for me to start exploring a new subject for my photographic urges!

Open India Project by Fathom

Despite unprecedented economic growth over the last fifty years, India is still home to one-third of the world’s poor. Our latest project with the World Bank Group explores the Country Partnership Strategy for India (CPS) — a multi-billion dollar investment aimed at ending extreme poverty and promoting shared prosperity in one of the world’s most populous countries over the next five years.


User Experience Report: Does The Application of Game Elements Result In Improved User Engagement?


61% of participants were at least somewhat familiar with gamification

Most participants were rather well versed in gamification with 57% able to produce an example. Overall women were slightly more familiar with gamification than men.

People appreciate game elements (ie. Badges) when they are well designed

Participants praised the badges of Duolingo and Officevibe highly, because of appealing design and visuals. Other game mechanics, such as progress or experience bars were also praised when well designed.

People don’t appreciate game elements that are unrecognizable

Nike+ makes use of achievements (badges) that were ignored because people didn’t know their meaning. Volkswagen’s SmileDrive makes use of a ‘smilescore’, which was often interpreted as a score gained for driving with a smile (which it wasn’t of course).

The reason for implementing game mechanics needs to make sense

For example, Volkswagen’s SmileDrive didn’t appeal to participants because they didn’t understood how the inclusion of game elements enhanced their drive.

With the correct resources, it’s worth going the extra mile and incorporating more complex game elements, which require more time to develop

Some of the typical game mechanics (e.g. progression, leaderboards) that Nike+ employs appealed to our participants, but others were simply ignored. Zombies, Run! which is also a running application, creates an immersive story-driven application
instead. This results in more motivated users via a different technique.

Apply social elements in addition to game mechanics to further increase UX

Duolingo offers the ability to let friends follow you so they can keep track of your progress in a way similar to Twitter or Facebook. This instantly appeals to people, because they want their friends to know how they are doing.

Gamification elements should be used in the correct context and add something

In Toshl, the application’s focus is on personal finance; but distracting placement of various visuals meant users were unable to perform even basic but crucial tasks.


Detailed Report @

Data Vis Environmental, Yale School of Management

Opened in January 2014, the 242,000-square-foot, Norman Foster + Partners designed, Edward P. Evans Hall is the new home of the Yale School of Management (SoM). To create a lasting impression of the school’s presence and brand, and to easily communicate timely information, we created three floors of interactive media and digital signage for the students, faculty and visitors at the Yale School of Management. This narrow cast network displays real time information such as school-wide agendas, class and conference schedules, special announcements, insightful information and photography from students, staff and guest speakers as well as customized presentations and broadcast media.