About Mahesh Patil

Mahesh Patil is a Digital Marketer, Design Thinker & Travel Photographer.

Staunch believer of “design thinking” Mahesh Patil is one of the few design professionals who fearlessly crosses over onto the traditional boundaries of design & business. Mahesh has lead and mentored many teams to create break through innovative and award winning design solutions. Mahesh is an innovative and award-winning designer who is an expert in the area of start ups & blue sky projects. Having cut his teeth in digital media in the 1990’s while working on brands including Unilever and ICICI Bank, he has spent the new millennium crusading for a unified path to conversion. A staunch advocate of the “Design thinking“, Mahesh’s background presents seasoned experience harnessing imagination and innovation to deliver truly inspiring and effective design solutions for a wide array of products, brands and industries. His mix of agency, vendor and brand experience makes him uniquely qualified to create and manage projects of any size and profile. Mahesh’s successes include: innovative digital engagements, portal designs, UX design & Innovation He matches this experience with the ability to toggle between a mentor and a task master. Indeed, Mahesh has the hands-on experience transforming strategy into results that your brands deserve.

Author: Mahesh Patil

Mahesh Patil is a Marketer, Design Thinker & Travel Photographer. He operates at the intersection of Business, Technology, Communication & Design.

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